Sunday, January 28, 2007

Stricklands 2 Round 5

Scenes drawn from Patrick's nightmare. The nightmare really shock Patrick up for awhile. He said it was so real, but he went to bed and woke up the next morning to being on the lawn again.

He told others later that in the dream, Brittany came over and brought a friend. Some Professor from college he didn't know. Things really got strange when he would interact with Brittany. The professor acted like they were together or something. From talking to kissing, she got mad.

(click picture for full effect, so many cheating items, GLITCH, the professor would not stop!!! ARRGH!!!)
The worst part of the dream is that this made the local paper.
Local citizen Patrick Strickland slammed by fiance just can't get a break. He invites his new love interest over and another lady stakes her claim to him. Patrick told local witnesses that the professor is wrong. Who would you believe a College Professor or the local man???

Luckily for Patrick, when he brought Brittany over no visitors were there. I think deep down the nightmare was his fear of rejection a second time. Then again I only heard the stories, I didn't know them.

The wedding went off without a hitch and with no sign of the nutty Professor. Or of Philip, the annoying cheating brother.

Patrick did invite Philip over during the party, but for his own fun and games.

Fighting during the wedding party? Their hate ran deep in this family. This is the second Strickland wedding with a fight in it.

Brittany was just upset that Philip had the gall to show up. He didn't want her in his life and here he is ruining her new life!

The local townies thought the whole thing was nutty, but who is to say who is correct? Townies wouldn't say who was at fault, but that it started when that alien was turned into a vampire. The wheels were rolling.....

Brittany had decided enough with her old life, new life new hair. The hair wasn't what Patrick saw in her anyway, he loved her for her.

As you can see here, many fights started off from these two ex-lovers. Philip seemed to stalk their house at times...

Another night, another fight. So much for brotherly love, huh?

It seems some of the Strickland friends are also Bubbettes friends. The vacing Bubbettes messed with a few sims around here for fun, remember?

Another visitor around the house, was none other than Morgan Strickland. Patrick showed her how she should be treated since she is pregnant.

Patrick favorite past time was making Morgan happy and that is what it seems he did that night. I think he got a thrill to keep reminding her what she was missing by getting rid of him. His plan was working so far he was able to keep both women happy in love with him.

Another day, another freaked out College student. This one loved talking to his friend, the Mr. Cup.

A picture of Patrick after he realized his crazy plan was working. He just knew Phlip was too mad at others to notice what he was doing with Morgan.

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