Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bubbettes Rounds 1 - 4

Hello all! Marcellas Bubbettes here. Don't know me? Hmm, not surprising considering I am from the Pleasantview Bubbettes. We are the controller's personal family. She doesn't tend to share us or our stories with others. Sadly, I have passed away there and was reborn here. Yeah me!!

Here I am with Paige, my future spouse, I suppose. I hope we get along, I am sure we will as I AM a BUBBETTES! My family has been around since TS1 and all...we are legendary! Paige here is a different story, she is the controller's simself. She has done a few stories herself.

Note: Stories are nice, lol!!

Here are two of our neighbors. Boy, they CAN'T dance, but they try don't they? They don't dance as well as I can, but they can work on it. I plan on becoming one of their best pals. I just need friends!

This here is Ginger Trooper. Have you met or heard of her? Yep, the rumors are true. She sort of has a few lovers, a few HAHAHA, that's funny! I'm just happy Paige likes to go to town with me or not at all. Ginger's fiance, Andrew, said Ginger goes all the time. Luckily he didn't catch on right away what she was up to...but, that is another story.

Aww, here I am with Paige, my doll. She won't marry me yet, said she needs a few more skills. Only a few long must I wait???

A few neighbors stopped by today. Can't have too many friends, now can I? I wonder if Ginger is 'friends' with Pao yet? Have to see her story to know for sure.

Got to love Paige, she is so supportive of my efforts to make friends. She doesn't complain too much about living here with low fundage. Just as long as she gets to skill most of the day.

Guess what? Yep, we got married. At least Paige didn't pass out in her cake like some OTHER brides around here. You see, there ARE benefits to being a Bubbettes.

There are times you have to help yourself to other's aspiration with this little gizmo. I didn't want Paige to have to worry about friends early on, so I would use this to help my skills along. She doesn't need to know I missed a promotion, M'kay?

Kaylynn our maid, accepts tips, did you know that? Bet you did, I proceded to tip her often so she will be more willing to become my friend. She does keep my house super clean now.

Yes, Paige now has her job and is working her way up the job ladder. She said our future kids won't date this kid, so she borrows some aspiration. Borrow, haha, like we will return it.

Our first child, Morgan Bubbettes. She is my little doll, she looks a lot like her mother. Morgan is also a family name that we tend to use.

That controller does have a sense of humor, huh? Boogie??? Where did she find that name? This is my son, he happens to be half alien. It happened one night outside with a telescope. Can we NOT discuss that, M'kay? Talk to Paige, she loved the idea of meeting aliens.

Time sure does pass quickly with kids, it was like just yesterday Morgan was born. Now look at her, she is learning all her skills and is a charm to have around. She is the apple of my eye.

Yes, time sure did fly with these two little munchkins around the house. Here is Boogie as a toddler. He is as smart as his older sister.

Again, time is flying on me as Morgan grew into a child. Anyone have some bricks? I need to place them on her head so she will stop growing as fast.

Aww, my kids are becoming pals. This does help us around the house since they aren't fighting a lot. So far they have been great kids. Guess you noticed Boogie grew up also.

How did this get in here? Just a picture we took while downtown one day. I think it was the day our sweet Morgan was created on, oops...Morgan hopefully won't read this as she will be embarrassed about this tidbit.

Of course, my kids are in private school. What Bubbettes kid isn't in private school? I can't think of any....

What is the deal with these paintings? Why did we paint them? One of them is from some wierd Asylum in our galaxy. The other, well I think she was a diva.

Time marches on you know, we had to grow up. Why? Circle of life my friend my friend. We both have our life time wants and all is good.

As you can see, we aren't the only ones who grew up. Morgan here is a now a teen. So far she has been focused on school. No boys lurking around for her. She is more like me as she is also popular and wants 20 best friends.

My son dresses like a nerd, we must buy the boy some clothes! He has a name to live up to! He is a Bubbettes! He is more like Paige and is very knowledgable and wants to become a criminal mastermind.

NO! NO! NO! What is she doing? Morgan, why are you kissing some strange boy? {sob} My little girl is growing up.... {sob}

At the end of my picture book here. Paige and I are glad you stopped by. Hopefully soon we will enjoy the pitter-patter of grandkids around here.

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ASimWen said...

Woo Paige was a 'Show Me The Money' type of gal, huh? You start makin' money, then I'll start makin' money, then we will get

A boy and a girl, cute kids....whut...Lynn is playing with cute kids?? ehhehe Boogie, what a name! LOL

Awww pics as elders...nice touch.

Morgan and Boogie are both knowledge Sims? Hehehe good move, easy to play. heh

ruby said...

Very nice! I love the kids, they are a pair of lookers.
Such a sweet couple and lovely family

Rachel said...

This family seems very nice. My how fast time flies! I loved the pictures above the bed!

Twoyys4me said...
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Twoyys4me said...

Great family! Morgan and Boogie are great looking Sims.. love all the family pics and events from this round. :)