Sunday, January 21, 2007

Bubbettes Rounds 5

Wow - the Bubbettes next album. Look Boogie and Meadow wasted no time after college to tie the knot. I know there were other guests around, but they must have been camera shy. I found some more videos, but they don't work yet. I can't wait until I get them to work.

EWWWW!!! You know what these two ran off to do here. EWWWW!!! I don't want to see these pictures. Does this mean Marcellas or Paige were in the room? EWWWW! That is even worse!

Meadow worked on her vacing skills. You know she was the one who came up with the vacing rules. The Vacing Bubbettes was their nickname.

It looks like Paige is just playing chess, right? She would watch Meadow and give her suggestions for how to vac.

I seriously think Meadow vaced for fun of watching them crack up. She vaced all the way until she passed away.

Paige made a 'special' desert for Meadow. Hmm, I think Paige wants more grandkids than she admits to.

Another Meadow victim here. And this was their humble maid, Kaylynn. Many years of service and this is how she treats her.

See here what 'Special desert' does? I am proud to announce the introduction of Mindy (light skinned like Meadow) and Megera (green like Boogie).

Grandpa Marcellas loved having the grandbabies in the house. They say he used his vacation time to take care of his 'angels'.

Uncle Boogie's favorite past time was to play in the tub. He taught his kids how to 'Sail The Seas' also. I always wondered where this family tradition came from. My sister taught me how to 'Sail' one day. Now I see why. Did you know his favorite line is '"The Immortal Captain Jack Sparrow." It has such a lovely ring to it... '

Both girls have red hair as you can see. I read in Marcellas's diary that he thought they did this since he adored them the most.

Looks like this is where they ended this album. Let me work on the videos and get the next album out.

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Twoyys4me said...

Yay.. more twins and stealing skill points.. go Meadow! All those NPC breakdowns.. rofl.

Another great Bubette update!

ASimWen said...

Ahhh Cheesecake Twins. Gotta luv 'em..maybe we will call you Rachel II. LOLOL Hehhehe

I have always enjoyed playing Meadow...but she vacs anyone in Prosperity Falls! Oh wait a minute. She is dead there. lol

Rachel said...

Nice update. All that Sim Vacing, Meadow must have a lot of people that don't like her. Yipee, Cheesecake twins!!!