Sunday, January 21, 2007

Zeiss Round 5

Yep, I was wondering when this family showed up. You must know this story, right? Victoria is running from her baby happy mama. Her mama thought she would pop out a few hundred kids and she wasn't into that. That must be why she was into such pleasurable things. Xander only said he was running from the King. The King from where? He wouldn't even think of it because he was worried they would 'hear him' and find him.

Before the feud began, they invited everyone over to their humble little house to get to know the neighbors. They just wanted to fit in here. Well, I can tell you they did. Being that Xander is one of my great uncles, they blended right in.

Victoria was real quick to learn about the "Ways of the Vac" and helped herself to the local townies. Poor Brendan was vaced a lot before my time.

When Victoria wasn't vacing, she was hopping on the couch. You know she broke her ankle by doing this. Those boots she wore were NOT meant to be jumped in.

I do know she was constantly worried about being judged by the founders of the town, but more so by her mom. You see, if she was still there with mom she would have had a few kids by now. Don't get me wrong, she wanted kids but only a couple.

Xander was a hot young thing when they moved here, huh? It's ok for me to judge him as we are distant enough that he isn't really a relative but he is in my family tree.

I always wondered why they felt they should sleep higher than everyone else, like they felt they were royalty or something. Why didn't Xander fall off either?

Victoria really loves the neighborhood strays. Doesn't she know she needed to get one of the 'Grand Pets' and not the lowly strays??

Their move was tough on them as they were both sick at first. Luckily they never left the house while sick. Xander swore later he was thinking of a bad night in the old town.

Xander also tried to befriend the strays, but they weren't interested in him either. Some say he could actually talk with his mind to the animals.

If I never saw this picture, I wouldn't believe it. They say these two only ate cereal for all their meals. I guess this somewhat proves it.

Hmm, I must ask my cousin what these two thought was so funny. Maybe the fact that their backgrounds are opposites. Xander was not allowed to have kids and Victoria was to have a mass of kids. They fooled everyone, huh?

The Zeiss estate? Boy this house has really grown. I never knew it was so small in the beginning. That house is amazing now, but here in the beginning it is, um, blah and square.




Rachel said...

"Victoria is running from her baby happy mama." Too Funny!!! So true and funny that they have such different backgrounds. What will happen to them. Eek!!!

ASimWen said...

Woo I love Victoria's sweater set. :) Xander looks familiar...hmmm...:) He is extremely handsome!

the Zeiss estate...I am sure it will get bigger and bigger. :) Great story.