Sunday, January 14, 2007

Stricklands Rounds 1 - 4

Wow! So much has happened since we had this first picture taken! My name is Holly and this is my husband, Quadrim. We are the Stricklands. We came from a town called the Falls which is a long ways from here. Quadrim is from there also, but he looks a tiny bit different.

Here we are during our first week together, just dancing the night away. You know I really wondered how he would react to being my spouse. I just hope to keep him happy and have some kids.

One of the first things I did was to get into shape. The results are shocking, as you can see here. I put some of the weight back on so not to look weird or anything. I think this was a little tooooo skinny, hehehe.

Quadrim got us a kitten today and we named him Token. He wanted to hear the pitter-patter of little feet and he got us a cat. I want to hear the pitter-patter also, but not so much from animals. I WANT SOME BABIES!!!

I voiced my opinion to Quadrim and look what happened...

This is a local stray cat that Quadrim took a liking to. I thought he would adopt it, but it only shows up randomly. Poor thing, could have been our pet but would rather live out in the wild I suppose.

Here is our newest addition, Patrick. What a little hunk! I've been around the neighbors houses and seen their girls. Hmmm, potential is out there.

Our boy has some lungs on him! He can wake the dead! ARRGH!!! He woke his brother again....

Well, you know how it goes. You can't have just one kid, you must have a playmate for the first one. Here is Philip, our youngest son. Hmm, with 2 boys that brings the ratio of the neighborhood kids to 2 girls:4 boys.

They don't stay babies forever you know. They must eat...when they eat, they grow....when they grow, they get bigger.

As you can tell, Patrick is turning into a little heart throb. You know he is friends with the other kids around here. I keep mentioning he should play with Brittany or Morgan more, but he whines 'EWWWWW, they are girls!!!'

To impress the headmaster, we let Philip grow up with him here. He wasn't too impressed, but they boys did get in. I see my enemy Benjamin is here, I suppose the neighbors told you that we don't get alone? Tis true, he is you know what he is...... do I have to say it?

My boys enjoying one last hug before Patrick grows up. It's so weird to see this so small again when now they are bigger.

Quadrim was more than happy to help the boys earn those body points. You know he is in the military? Yep, makes good money also. I just wish he would STOP with the whistle!!

Not too bad for having 2 boys, I must say not too bad. I hope to keep my figure when I get older, but that may or may not happen.

Hmm, time to wash that gray away, huh? I wish it would work but I tried and the gray is here to stay. Notice this isn't a side view, right? Well, it seems there are some kids home from Uni around here and well, someone made CHEESECAKE for a certain daughter-in-law, but I am WAY ahead of myself there....

Marcellas Bubbettes, boy is he a looker. I have always had a secret crush on this man, when he enters the room, my heart is a flying..... too bad the idea of a little fun with him would be awful.

See why to start something with him would not be a good thing. It might break up the couple of love birds we have here. This is Marcellas' daughter Morgan kissing my son, Patrick. I think he was ok with it, better than that townie clerk she was with before. At least with us he knows we have boys made of good stock and values. (If he only knew my dreams, huh?)

Patrick grew into a fine looking boy. He doesn't wear the nerdy clothes like Morgan's brother Boogie. He has his own style.....

Yep, that is the Trooper girl over here. Patrick and her are friends also, but there was no chemistry there. I just hope he made the right choice. I would hate to see my kid settle when there is a better option out there.

Do you think she was over here just to flirt with my Philip? I noticed her brother came around to make sure no funny business happened either. He wasn't too happy about her and Philip, espicially since he doesn't have a girlfriend.

Time to bid a fond farewell, next time you see these two they will be hard at work in a place for higher learning. They will no longer be my 'baby boys'.....
Troopers / Uni


Rachel said...

Oh how time flies. Nice work. I see you are keeping the numbers down so far. You have more control than I do.

ASimWen said...

Oohh these people look strangely familiar...heheheh and ohhhh...I love these skins...hehehe

The boys are gorgoeus. I see the other neighborhood teens are coming over to visit. I see the genes mixing!