Sunday, January 14, 2007

University Living

Wow - I can't believe my luck of running across these old photo albums and videos. I was told the books were lost after some time. I found this box of videos and stories in the attic of my house. I was amazed those videos work anymore. They were made GENERATIONS ago!

It's strange to see these photos of my ancestors when they were alive and well and YOUNG!! Strangely enough I am related to everyone in this album. The family trees are really mixed up by my generation.

These are the Strickland boys. Hmm, Philip that outfit was awful! Queen Townie Meadow, they call her that downtown since she was the first to marry in. She paved the way for the others. Only they all weren't as nice as her.

If they only knew what was to happen, would they have done eveerything the same? For my sake, I would hope so or I would not exist at all!!

Here are the Trooper kids. Kids, haha, they are all dead now and I am calling them kids. It's all fun to look at these pictures to see where my genes come from.

Wow - the Bubbettes clan, it's hard to imagine they were EVER my age!

The great uncle Boogie! How I miss the tales about this man. Hmm, lets look around and I will tell you what I know.

Brant met his true love Melissa Knight at college. Yes, you know the story? No? Ok, well Brant was constantly worried about his sister Brittany, rightfully so, and didn't date often. He refused to live in the dorm and wanted to create his own awsome Greek House.

He would venture off to the local hangouts looking for love. You know those type of stories. Well, he found her at the local dance hall. They started dating before becoming friends. Their attraction to each other is one to admire.

Who in their right mind does their homework on a date? Melissa did while Brant painted his portrait. This was one of their dream dates. They had several to keep Brant happy.

He popped the question right then and there after finishing the painting. The rest is history. Except he was actually very marriage shy due to the ways of his mother. They planed on living together after graduating first.

Meadow looks really young here, don't you think? She has a full life ahead of her, hahaha. Her first kiss with Boogie, awww, this is really sweet. I think he liked her from day one but he waited for her to return the feelings.

Brant really did graduate, huh? I wasn't sure considering all he said he did was date and party. He did acheive the dream of the Greek house, almost all my relatives lived in there at one point or another.

Ok, this must be wrong. This shows Philip with Brittany?!? What??? Hmm, what other pictures are here? I wonder how this happened, was he drunk or something?

Aww yes, the Greek Pool. I plan on spending my summers there as well. This must have been in spring or summer as I don't see the snow around.

I'm still in shock of these two because they didn't end up together either....who would have know?? Is this where the Bubbettes/Trooper fued started? I need to go check the other albums to make sure you hear the whole story.

Another mixed up picture. Why is Patrick proposing to Morgan? Hmm, this helps me to see why the Stricklands got caught up in it all. I knew something bad went on, but I never imagined this.

You know how those Bubbettes love the vac, right? Meadow was shown the fine ways to use it by Boogie. She proceded to use it all the time. Boogie had to tell her to put down the vac before the garbage can stays constantly knocked over. I think Meadow enjoyed watching people breakdown.

Boogie loved taking her pictures also. He said she was such the 'ultimate babe' in high school and college. I guess they never lost that loving feeling with the kids they had. Oops, getting ahead again.

Yes, those Bubbettes love to play with the vacs alright. One of the first things you learn is the do's and don'ts of the vac. There are 'Vac Rules' posted in our house in the mandatory VSR (Vac Storage Room).

Yes, here is the scene just like I pictured it. Boogie dropping to a knee right by the money trees. They were almost done with school when he did it. They say she was worried he wouldn't ask.

Yes, the wonderful Greek House that Brant built. Really nice to see how it started. The house has had many changes before my time but it is basically the same. I can't wait for my turn. I wonder what's next?


The Stricklands / Zeiss



ASimWen said...

Hhehe looks like Philip is ready to go clubbing...woo hoo disco king. heheh Patrick showed up in something more worthy of education.

Queen Townie Meadow. That's right. Everyone seems to play her. Her and Boogie? hmm

Brant and Melissa? Painting and studying on a date? Oh well, what ever turns them on. To each his own. lol

I see Philip changed out of his disco clothes. Brittany Trooper? Drunk, yeah, that's right...hehe NO of course not...they have been friends since they were young.

If I remember right, Patrick and Morgan were kissin' this engagement doesn't surprise me. hmmmmm What could have happened?

Just call the Bubbetts the Vaccin' Bubbetts....

Love the Greek house! Good job!

Rachel said...

Very interesting way to write a story Are you that far ahead or is it all planning? A feud coming, interesting. I just love the house!